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Perhaps You Are:

  • Earnestly deconditioning and transforming old patterns and stories, but have hit a plateau in your progress....

  • Concerned about nagging health issues despite trying the proverbial everything...

  • Feeling an urgent call to action in response to events happening all over the world, but unsure how you can really help...

  • Constantly sabotaging your success in subtle and not so subtle ways, and want to know how to move past your procrastination...

  • Desiring to clarify, focus and refine your goals and offerings to be more impactful, sustainable and prosperous....


What to Expect:

Many of the above-listed examples are a sign of unresolved trauma. You may unknowingly have subconscious programs running your life in ways you never imagined. Have you ever noticed the insidious emotional influence that television and social media programming is having on the stories you create about yourself, what you think you need, and whom you think you should be?​

You are not alone, many people unknowingly have subconscious programs running their lives. The conscious mind may think it knows what it wants, while the subconscious mind is continuously sabotaging the outcome. Your subconscious mind is running of 97% of your actions, but if you are like most people, you have little or no direct awareness of this. For example, if you have ever experienced arriving to work without remembering much of the drive, that's because you were on autopilot and were actually operating from the subconscious. There are different levels of hypnosis. This example could be called 'highway hypnosis.'

Are you ready to discover a great paradoxical truth?- The answers you are seeking are already within you. Whether you are seeking answers to physical health challenges or emotional imbalances, reaching the goal and outcome you desire requires illuminating the stories you have been telling yourself about yourself and about the world.

True change is a process that may involve lovingly sitting with some uncomfortable feelings. In many cases, the voyage of deconditioning may require ongoing layers of surrendering in trust. In all cases, the same first step applies: you must be willing to find and address the original root cause of the issue. True and lasting transformation nearly always requires a change in the pattern of thinking or behavior.

This is just as true for physical issues as it is for mental and emotional challenges.

Understanding is power. Hypnosis swiftly helps you see and clear any unwanted programs from the operating system of your subconscious mind. Human Design brilliantly facilitates the process by revealing your best strategy for minimizing resistance and maximizing potential as you navigate the world according to your design. Additionally, knowing the basics of your Human Design Blueprint activates your intuition, ensures your successful "experiment" with the deconditioning process so that your natural, authentic genius may shine brilliantly forth. Encoded into all of her work, Dechen brings her 20+ years of clinical nutrition expertise to provide additional insight, stabilizing the physical vehicle by reconditioning the nervous system and supporting the body's detox pathways as necessary.

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