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Welcome Beloved



Human Design


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 This spirit of love is flowing through me, pouring through me in fact so much so that I just have to share the overflow.

Even if merely adding my voice and my frequency into the greater mix, I know with my Line 4 Design that I am connecting to you, my network including at the cellular level, joining in wholeheartedly and cocreating this whole movie with you. There is power in numbers and greater and greater numbers of us are coming online and joining together in the heartwaves that encircle this planet and solar system and beyond,  heart wing to heart wing, our energies merge in the quantum, in the womb, and together we infuse dimensions with the radiant vajra essence!  Always joining my heart with the great Collective heart in sharing this experience, being unafraid to live fully into my life in every moment to dedicate my life and this body as a vessel, this heart as an altar through which pure heavenly light of love is bridged to Earth anchored and grounded and roots growing deliciously deep to the core. 

If you have found your way here, welcome, my name is Dechen, and like many, I have been experiencing ongoing massive transformational cycles on every level of my being.  Therefore, I have decided to dismantle my old page, that until now has been an online placeholder while I build the actual foundation for what I truly came here to share with my people. 

I believe the dormant DNA in our bodies is a key to activating dormant pathways of transformation and adaptability, so that at least some of us and maybe their children and communities will also be able to withstand the assault we are experiencing on every aspect of our physical, psycho- emotional lives. And I have seen that our bodies are much more capable then we know. our nervous system can be easily dysregulated and the opposite is always true, we can adapt to all manner of corruption.  Our potential to regulated our nervous systems,  experience a state of coherent equilibrium within the current environment definitely exists as a potential.   Interference fields and electromagnetic disruptors, our Bodie are always swimming in the energy currents of our world. In todays world, maintaining balance centerednes, reenforcing electromagnetic integrity can be a very useful skillset,  a skillset that somehow the spirit of my body has been revealing to me what was important over and over again. I naturally gravitated toward this awareness path in response to my environment noticing the forces attemp0ting to  infiltrate my psyche, I had no choice but to respond to a driving pressure to figure out how to meet the seeming poisoning of the world, and I must protect myself, my  children, my people. 

For what it's worth, whatever was driving, pressuring and fueling my action, I put a lot of resources, heart, effort and energy into creating this whole idea of an online offering. This is why I have decided to keep the website up for now.  I am changing it's function in devotion to fulfilling my true role, and I am henceforth dedicating this platform as a refuge from the mass formation psychosis; a resource for weary travelers to gather and exchange, receive healing codes and inspiration, to sip together the nectar of this crystalline pure spring waters of Love. I invite you to gather round the fire with me, to share songs, exchange codes, reflect, activate and inspire, be inspired.  So, for the sake of creative contribution to the collective I dedicate this platform to sharing snippets of the absolutely amazing experiences and wide ranging phenomena I experience on the daily, including but not limited to some of the more genius and freaky nuances of my world as I go through this transformation right along side with you. 

For now I will play with this as my living beauty way log, where I can speak my truth as I see it, without fear and without agenda.  

This will hereby be a landing place for all insights, Intel, musing's, visions of hope and qualities of the new Earth we are calling into existence. 

There is a quickening of the spirit of Divine Love and Divine Grace as amplified energy and awareness here and now in direct response and proportion to the unfathomable darkness, distortion, density and delusion, but we must also factor in the truth beyond polarities. I will slowly be changing out all the content throughout this site as I go. if you came here looking for health direction and guidance, you still may find something of use here, and please reach out to me if I can be of service even if it is only to help point yourself in the right direction. Please say hello. InJoy

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Welcome Beloveds.

An intrinsic healing power lives in you. You hold all the keysand codes. No matter how much corruption may be perceived in the world, you can synchronize can center into your heart and mind, to function correctly as your nature, the instrument with which to Free yourself. First, you must become aware. 






Who you think you think you are is not who you actually are. Once you develop awareness of the inherent purpose of who you are according to your Design,  you can nevermore be tempted to strive to become that which you are not. Likewise, you will no longer need to focus your energy outwardly on hoping to change anyone else. Human Design is a profound system of knowledge revealing the specific archetypal genetic and biochemical human characteristics that you embody, and has the potential to empower your unique transcendent purpose.

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What Clients Say

“I had the opportunity to receive an RTT session, it was a relaxing and powerful experience. I was able to uncover past memories that I had not  I did not realize I had buried”  –Kendal White, California
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