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Human Design

RTT Hypnotherapy

Clinical Nutritional Healing and Detox

Transformational Coaching


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Currently scheduling Through March 2024
Nutritional Balance and Detox, 
RTT Hypnotherapy and Coaching
Human Design Foundation Analysis

 With the Completion of many cycles of personal growth and expansion, I find myself moving on a new trajectory in service to the many souls that are now activating into full potential during this period of radical transformation on the planet.

Over the past 7 years, I have been studying and experimenting with a profound system of knowledge called Human Design. Together with my background in nutritional and emotional therapies, Human Design System offers a very strategic and logical, individualized approach to deconditioning and integration. I look forward to offering Human Design readings and classes in the very near future, so please stay tuned or subscribe to my mailing list through this site to be kept informed of all upcoming offerings and retreats.


Dechen Farrow NC. RTT, RTC

1/4  Sacral Generator, LAX Explanation

Maturation, Structuring, Inspiration,Acceptance:

Consecutive, Wet Kitchens, Innocence, Power 

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Transformational Coaching

Nutritional Healing and Detox 

Human Design Foundation Analysis

Self Empowerment Mantra for 2024

"I am Pristinely, purifying and clearing all disharmony in all 7 Seals of this body system.

 I choose that I am in the purification stages and process .

I align to the higher light, I remember that this is the game, and I accept and allow that where I am is acceptable, and I am an acceptance of where I am at now. Right where I Am,  perfect health exists"

Every step of your healing journey is simultaneously healing your ancestral lines forward and back. The Truth is, when you heal yourself,  you heal the world.  

"The journey of a thousand miles" 

Is an inner journey  that begins the moment you are ready to pull the monkey mind out of the body, and tap into the native intelligence of  heart of  the form.

This is called Passenger Consciousness.

My Name is Dechen Farrow. 

I am on this transformational journey with you.

I am a mother, a sister, a passionate facilitator of transformation.

The moment we free ourselves from our perception of the past and  center into the present moment, we can to transcend the limitations and illusions of the mind. The mind is here to know ourselves and to share and communicate with others, the mind is not designed to be the decision maker in our lives. 


As I continue to deepen and integrate the revelations of my own healing journey I am able to bring my experience to you on your path of embodiment and integration. Through the coaching and healing process, I will help you uncover mental, emotional, physiological blocks, and provide powerful tools and techniques for your ongoing self-expansion and growth. You will learn the quantum formula for magnetizing the life you want to yourself. This includes expanding your ability to step into greater self love and acceptance that can only radiate out and bless everyone and everything in your life. You will learn more about how to surrender to the intelligence of the form when you understand the mechanics of your Human Design Type and embrace Passenger Consciousness as we move towards the pivotal year 2027.

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What Clients Say

“I had the opportunity to receive an RTT session, it was a relaxing and powerful experience. I was able to uncover past memories that I had not  I did not realize I had buried”  –Kendal White, California
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