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Medical Intuitive, Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist®
ICF Certified Rapid Transformational Coach® Level 3 Quantum Human Design Analyst


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Harmonic Perfection

RTT®Hypnotherapy ☼Human Design ☼ Coaching

Eradicate your Limiting Beliefs, Eliminate Unhealthy Patterns, Magnetize your Best LIfe

Meet Dechen

Dechen's mission is in service to conscious evolution, moving people from struggle and powerlessness to fully empowered on the path of awakened inner-awareness. She  helps people be free from the limitations of unconscious conditioning, helping clear toxic beliefs and influences resulting in a grounded nervous system, fully ready to reconnect with the full spectrum beauty of the authentic self.  She creates a safe, completely judgment-free, and uniquely collaborative healing space of unconditional love for maximum healing and rapid transformation so that you can be free to live on your own terms. 


What people are Saying

“I am experiencing profound and  deep healing on so many levels.  My life is changing for the better This is taking e to the root of the root and I am imagining therecoding rewiring of my system going on in every cell.

Priya T.

Immediately after my reading with Dechen I saw how and why i was conditioned into believing I was not enough. Now, for the first time ever I am able to observe my feelings objectively, I know clearly what is mine and not mine.

Before my session with Dechen, I really was unaware how I was carrying a victim mentality from my childhood. I had no idea how much this was  influencing my behaviour in relationships, and attracting certain types of people into my life over and over again.

Katherine N.

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