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Meet Dechen

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If you have found your way here, welcome, my name is Dechen, and like so many of us, I have been experiencing ongoing massive transformational cycles on every level of my being.  Therefore, I have decided to dismantle my old page, that until now has been an online placeholder while I build the foundation for what I truly came here to share. 

I believe the dormant DNA in our bodies contains the keys for activating innate pathways for transformation and adaptability installed in our vehicles. Our bodies are like time capsules containing special hardware ready to turn on in response to the increasing levels of environmental  stressors we are contending with in today's world. WE must prepare our nervous systems to better receive the support available via the planetary energetic rivers and leylines in accordance with the massive influx of cosmic energies that are now becoming accessible to those who can connect and receive it. I have experienced that our bodies/ vehicles are much more capable to adapt than we know. Our nervous systems can be easily dysregulated and the opposite is also true, we can adapt to all manner of distortion and circumstance.  Our potential to regulate our nervous systems,  experience a state of coherent equilibrium within the current environment definitely exists as a potential. More so, the dragon leylines of the the Earth are here to help us in ways that are beyond most of our ordinary human abilities to perceive.  Interference fields, and electromagnetic disruptors, dubious agendas, our are always swimming in the energy currents of our world.  I naturally gravitated toward this awareness path very early in my life in direct response to my environment via tracing the distortion in my own body mind systems. I had no choice but to respond to a driving pressure to protect myself, my children, my community to be able to meet what was to come and has now arrived in this current timeline. With great support from my own guides I have been shown how to distill this process of  deconditioning and awakening the inner forces that can stabilize our physical, emotional and spiritual systems to function within man made chaos being perpetrated upon the planet. For every being that can self activate and bring themselves online to remember that every electron in our bodies are a portal for more love to flow into this world. In so doing are able to join with countless other beings,  generating a powerful collective healing energy field  that pervades all of life. 


For what it's worth, whatever was driving, and fueling my past actions, I put a lot of resources, heart, effort and energy into creating this whole idea of an online offering. This is why I have decided to keep the website up for now.  I am changing its function in devotion to fulfilling my true role, and in the interim I am dedicating this platform as a refuge and resource all beings who have eyes to see and ears to hear. May we  gather to exchange healing and inspiration, exchange diversity of insight and perspective, reflect, activate and inspire, be inspired, and support each other in all ways. We want to hear your stories and know your heart. 

I dedicate this platform to sharing some of the absolutely amazing experiences and wide ranging phenomena I experience on the daily, as I journey through this amazing life together with you. 


There is a quickening of the spirit of Divine Love and Divine Grace as amplified energy and awareness here and now in direct response and proportion to the unfathomable darkness, distortion, density and delusion.  We must also factor in the truth beyond polarities. I will slowly be changing out all the content throughout this site as I go. if you came here looking for health direction and guidance, you still may find something of use here, and please reach out to me if I can be of service even if it is only to help point yourself in the right direction. Please say hello.

In Joy, Dechen

My Name is Dechen Farrow. 

I am on this transformational journey with you.

I am a mother, a sister, a passionate facilitator of transformation.

I have witnessed again and again

the moment we free ourselves from our past, and embrace the present moment, we are able to transcend the limitations of material form to create miracles in our lives. Work with me to  prepare your body and mind to step into the full spectrum of your creative potential.


Why wait another minute for the world to change? Change yourself, you change the world. The future is now. 

Together, we are the change that is co-creating the golden age of miracles that is already here and now.

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Human Design

Who you think you think you are is not who you actually are. Once you develop awareness of the inherent purpose of who you are according to the mechanics of your Design, Type and Profile, you will gradually stop trying to be anything but who you are naturally.  Likewise, you will no longer need to focus your energy outwardly on hoping to change anyone else. Human Design is a profound system of knowledge revealing the specific archetypal genetic and biochemical human characteristics that you embody, and has the potential to empower your unique transcendent purpose.

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What Clients Say

“I am continuing to experience profound and very deep healing on many levels due to just one hypnotherapy session I received from Dechen.”
–Pauline Pinelias
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