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Empowered People Empower People 

At Harmonic Perfection

“Any healing modality worth its weight in “good salt” must direct your awareness to the power of a positive mind. Never underestimate the impact of your thoughts, your inner vocabulary, 

and the pictures you make in your head on your overall state of being.”

My Mission, Prayer and Intention is to set you up for success on every level: mental, emotional, physical, heart, mind and soul;  because when you are thriving and living your best life even in the midst of chaos, you naturally become the embodiment of the change you wish to see in the world -Just by you being you. 


One of the most revolutionary abilities you can commit within a sick society is, despite the odds, to heal yourself and then gently help others to heal themselves…


As I empower the light and love in you, you will empower the light and love in others.

This is the natural law of divine design, and it starts with you choosing a positive inner narrative and vision, thus rebirthing yourself  through self love and forgiveness, and radiating that out indiscriminately and immeasurably into the great ocean of love that encompasses all existence. 


Your imagination is the most powerful force of creativity you have-

 How will you choose to use this transformational inner power and resource?

I am Imagining a world where the preciousness of all life is honored as sacred, and

all children come through the birth portal knowing that they are loved, safe, and cared for.

As I continue to anchor more deeply within the blessings of my own journey of open hearted presence and unconditional self love, may we expand together as one heart in the indestructible quantum force-field of love-

and may all beings awaken to the truth of our inherent nature as sovereign and divine beings. 

About Dechen Farrow NC


Medical Intuitive, Clinical Nutritionist, Certified and Insured Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist®

ICF Certified Rapid Transformational Coach®  Level 3 Quantum Human Design Analyst


Always drawn to the natural sciences, I have a BS from UC Irvine. Following graduation I studied for a year at the 5 Branches School of Chinese Medicine which gave me a general foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Theory. As a young mother, In 2001, I became a Certified Nutrition Consultant, and started out my career practicing Functional Nutritional Therapies, a conventional approach that was focused on running fancy diagnostic tests and treating the symptom rather than underlying root cause. Unsatisfied with the results I was seeing in my clients, and seeking to learn a more precise and comprehensive holistic healing system, I began extensive study and training in a nutritional healing system called NRT® 

Rather than treating symptoms with synthetically derived nutraceuticals, NRT® uses powerfully effective organic whole food concentrates and homeopathic medicines to promote powerful, deep and lasting healing in the body. I am so grateful I found this system because it provides me with many reliable tools and techniques with which to communicate directly with the innate intelligence of the body. Using NRT® I can effectively restore balance and coherence to the autonomic nervous system, identify interference fields, restore electromagnetic integrity, and gently open and restore the detox pathways. I always verify my work using kinesiology to receive direct intel from the wisdom of the body. I have used this system to heal myself, and build a solid nutritional foundation for my loved ones and many hundreds of clients. This early work began opening me up to my abilities as a medical intuitive and the truth of how miraculous our bodies and minds truly are. ​

As I continued to develop proficiency at restoring optimal function to the physical body, it became very apparent to me that any holistic approach to healing must also address the underlying emotional trauma and core habits of belief trapped within the body/mind systems.  I began to learn everything I could about somatic/emotional clearing, shadow integration and mindset transformation.  This eventually led to my training in RTT-Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy® and the phenomenal adjunct Command Cell Therapy®  I recently completed certification in  RTC-Rapid Transformational Coaching.® My clients are experiencing phenomenal results when I combine the power of the subconscious mind, my nutrition training and expertise and human design to initiate life changing and lasting results.

In the year 2012, I experienced deep loss which triggered the beginning of a profound journey of inner transformation in my life. I’ve been studying and practicing Vajrayana Buddhism since 1989 with Tibetan Yogis, and in and around that year both of my precious teachers transitioned. I was a very sensitive and empathic child coming from rather intense and traumatic beginnings. The first time I encountered the genuine teachings of Buddha in my 20’s was like nectar to my soul. I am very drawn to Eastern Spiritual Philosophies and Healing Wisdom, and I immediately took to the Tibetan Teachings on Bodhicitta and Compassion. I have always had a strong spiritual inclination and realize looking back that I have always been connected to the purest teachings of Christ Consciousness and blessed and protected by The Divine Mother. I mention this because it is such a huge part of who I am. I raised my children immersed in the wisdom Buddhafield of the Precious Holy Dharma,  and I still consider the Vajrayana to be the most essential and profound wisdom I have ever had the great fortune to encounter on this planet. It has helped me to set an overarching perspective on life that affords me deeper insight, humility, and radical forgiveness as well as the ability to reconcile what I am witnessing and experiencing as a human being living on the planet at this time. 

Around the same time I began a 10 year deep dive with various plant medicines, a very positive experience for me overall, it truly helped me deepen my understanding of myself and others, including opening my awareness to the truth that every cell of the body, her energetic centers and electromagnetic aura is a multidimensional portal,  and quantum microcosmic stargate, and opened  the channels to direct contact with interdimensional beings, ancestors, the consciousness of Sophia Gaia and the living spirit presence within all of form.  I want to be very clear here with a disclaimer, this is NOT a path for everyone, and by no means am I recommending working with the plant allies unless it is a very clear individual calling, it can be very intense, dissociating and can require serious hands on, serious integration, which is not always suitably available. 

In 2014 I encountered Human Design-The Science of Differentiation. As a 1/4 Pure Generator, I was instantly drawn to this extremely profound and comprehensive system for everything it offers in the way of truly validating the brilliance and genius of your authentic self. I am endlessly fascinated by the absolute relevance and accuracy of this system, and the value it offers in the way of deconditioning any and all limiting self beliefs, enhancing overall quality of life while truly empowering people into divine alignment with their actual spiritual purpose and mission. I am currently training in traditional human design, and I love weaving the empowerment codes from peoples bodygraph charts into every level of my work. 

I recently moved from California to Austin, Texas, where I feel a gentle presence of Divine Mother energy, and am in a phase of my life balancing and integrating the inner divine masculine and feminine, focusing on strengthening my own aura and cultivating awakened inner awareness and grounded presence. I am a certified yoga instructor and feel at my best when I am maintaining my vehicle with nutrition, nutrient dense food, movement, strength training and Gyrokinesis. I love to camp and hike in nature, especially Mount Shasta's high mountain meadows, visit hot springs wherever possible, and swim in crystalline clear waters. I love quantum physics and metaphysics, esoteric wisdom, crystals, plants, nature, tuning forks, and my singing practices. I have a wonderful relationship with my two gorgeous sons, and these days you will often find me playing my guitar, accompanied by my two exquisite feline companions, Spirit and Puma.

About Services

About Human Design and The Gene keys
"In the moment that you can truly embrace your uniqueness, you are divine" -Ra Uru Hu

What are Human Design and Gene Keys?

"You have a vital, irreplaceable role in the divine order, now is the time to take up your right place in the cosmic plan"-Karen Curry Parker


Your perception of the world determines what you create. Human Design is a powerful tool to help you live your life according to the truth of who you are when in alignment with the cosmic plan.⁠ ⁠Based on a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics, this powerful system shows you your strengths, your purpose, your gifts and gives you a map to help you realign to the authentic story of your life.⁠ Like a fingerprint, Human Design shows you your unique energetic signature, reveals how you receive and transmit energy, and helps you minimize resistance and maximize your potential to live in alignment the highest expression of your purpose.

The Gene Keys are an expansion of Human Design, all of the keys in your hologenetic profile map to your Human Design Bodygraph. The Gene Keys offer you personal algorithms for zero calibrating into your highest expressions of joyful, sustainable service in the world, revealing 3 distinct evolutionary pathways of inner expansion accessible through the portal of your own DNA; how to unlock the highest expression of your genius, your relationships and your prosperity. It is a spiraling adventure of inner guidance, distilling and crystallizing the essence as you traverse the quantum pathways inwardly into the purity of your soul to meet the miraculous within yourself and igniting the 64 archetypes of love's greater expression through you into the world. 


About RTT

RTT® Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy®

"Lose your mind and come to your senses"​ -Marisa Peer

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you rationalize with yourself, you still can't seem to shift your blocks? That's because most blocks can't be changed by willpower alone. We need the help of the subconscious mind. This is because the subconscious mind is where these patterns were created in the first place. Based on cutting-edge neuroscience® RTT® offers fast, effective results combining the most beneficial principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that makes RTT® so much more effective than just standalone hypnotherapy.

To learn more or schedule an appointment visit our services page.

Many Conditions may be Addressed with RTT

• Achieving Goals • Addictions • Anger • Anxiety • Career • Childhood Problems • Compulsive Behavior • Confidence • Depression • Eating Issues • Emotional Blocks • Exams • Fears (Heights, Driving, Flying, Needles, Dentist, etc.) • Feeling not lovable or not enough • Guilt • Health Issues • Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration • Lack of Connection • Migraines • Money Block/Issues • Motivation • Pain Control • Panic Attacks • Phobias • Procrastination • Public Speaking • Premenstrual Mood Issues • Relationships • Rest & Relaxation • Self-Esteem • Skin Problems • Sleep Problems • Smoking • Sports Performance • Stress • Success Blocks • Trauma: Unresolved, from your past • Wealth Wiring • Weight Control

If you don't see your concern on my list, please inquire.

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