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A little about me 

Your Human Design blueprint provides a personalized map to help you deepen in self awareness and intelligently navigate daily choices. 

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Dechen Farrow

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Intuitive Healer

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In 2012, I experienced deep loss which triggered the beginning of a profound journey of inner transformation.   I'd been receiving  the heart teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism   with Tibetan Yogis;  in and around that year both of my precious teachers transitioned. Until then I hadn't even begun to scratch the surface of my own trauma conditioning... 

Born sensitive and empathic, the dysfunction of my childhood container was a shock to my innocence. My emotional needs unmet, I was lonely and I responded quite predictably by dissociating from my body, learning to hide my feelings, and adopting hyper- vigilant and addictive behaviors patterns.


Drawn to Eastern spiritual philosophies and healing wisdom. I was fortunate to encounter the pure wisdom of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Vajrayana is a living wisdom, highlighting the Invincible, incorruptible Buddha Nature intrinsic in all sentient beings, with skillful tools for how to awaken this nature within ourselves.


Vajrayana has provided me an overarching perspective on life that enriches me with deep insight, humility, and compassion and forgiveness as well as the ability to see through the illusory nature of this world and reconcile the shock of what I am witnessing and experiencing as a human being living on the planet at this time. 

In 2014 I encountered Human Design–The Science of Differentiation. A 1/4 Pure Generator, RAX Explanation. I was instantly drawn in to this extremely profound and comprehensive system which helps us to awaken radical self awareness and truly validates and empowers the brilliance and genius of our authentic pure essential nature.  

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I am deeply fascinated by the absolute relevance and accuracy of this system, and the support it offers for experimenting with out design, allowing us to be unapologetically ourselves, and enhancing overall quality of life while helping us open into divine alignment with their own spiritual purpose and mission.

I am currently training in traditional human design, and I am weaving the empowering information from the bodygraph into every level of my work. 

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Contained in your body is an intrinsic resource, infinitely more powerful than any external conditioning influences. Together we will look at the fundamentals of your design to help you understand who you really are, and even more relevant, who you are not.

Together we will walk through the landscape of your view and perception, the wiring of your mindset, and why you perceive the world as you do. We will look at the mechanics of your design, the map of your body, the configuration of your aura and why you respond the way you do in certain environments. As you increase self awareness and begin to experiment with your decision making process, you will begin to experience yourself as you truly are, beyond all the stories you've been telling yourself about who you should be. You will start to minimize resistance and experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. 

The totality of this work is an exploration of  self awareness, and the myriad layers of consciousness. I am here to serve as a guide and reflection. We will dive into the keynotes of your design and how that translates to your body. You will shift the root of self perception. You will be able to see and release the harsh narratives you are unconsciously imposing upon yourself. 

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You will discover the futility of challenging your nature so that you can stop wasting your energy on maintaining false narratives about yourself. You will begin to forgive yourself, love and celebrate yourself for all you have endured to come this far.  You will be able to finally settle into you true mission and purpose in accordance with your design and it will feel really good. 

Of course, there is a lot more to the story. I have been through the initiation of motherhood. I have two wonderful sons.

 I put everything I share into personal practice and have tested and lived what I share. Almost  6 decades on this planet, I do my best to maintain my health and the integrity of my endocrine and nervous system with nutrient dense foods, exercise, and daily practices.


I'm a sincere advocate for Sophia Gaia, Mother Earth, Her high mountain spring meadows, oceans, crystalline waters and all the beings that call Her Home. I'm a geek who loves metaphysics, the magical, the mundane, sound healing, crystals, plants, movement, chanting and singing, and as a Line 1 personality I love to dive deep into whatever I am most passionate about, especially exploring consciousness and heart centered embodiment.

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 The spiral of life as an ongoing evolutionary expansion, we are here to heal the outer world by healing the distortions we experience via our senses by consciously engaging with the intrinsic intelligence of the Design.  

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What Clients Say

“I have definitely experienced profound and very deep healing on many levels due to the hypnotherapy session I had with Dechen.”
–Pauline Pineda
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