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About Dechen

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Working with people all ages, all walks of life, including animal angels and guides teaches me about the spirit of transformation. I believe we can heal from anything, In order to create meaningful change our lives, we must also learn to trust the inherent wisdom of our bodies and trust the power of our original divine blueprint.

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My deepest satisfaction is to provide a safe and supportive space to help you explore the truth of your gifts and create a life that is aligned with your values. I am passionate about helping people overcome the past, and align with a better future rippling out for themselves, families, communities and all beings. 

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 Any effective, holistic approach to health must be tailored to the individual needs of each person. My passion and satisfaction derives from guiding my clients on customized journey to a more balanced, transcend, and joyful life, increasing awareness every step of the way. 

"Whenever we are experiencing radical transformation, Undoubtedly we are letting go, surrendering, and integrating parts of ourselves, as part of the process.


What beliefs, identity structures, triggers, emotions,

What behaviors are you ready to transmute in order to step into the next best version of yourself?


As I continue to deepen and integrate the revelations of my own healing journey I am able to bring my experience to you on your path of embodiment and integration. Through the coaching and healing process, I will help you uncover mental, emotional, physiological blocks, especially any limiting beliefs that are lowering your frequency, and provide you with new tools and techniques for your ongoing self-expansion and growth as you learn the formulas for magnetizing the life you want to yourself. while emphasizing your abilities to attain greater self love and acceptance that can only radiate out and bless everyone and everything in your life.

Can you feel the future version of yourself that already exists in the realms of infinite possibilities with all of your heart?

Did you know that when you heal yourself, 

You heal your ancestral lines forward and back? The Truth is, when you heal yourself, you heal the world.


"The journey of a thousand miles" 

Truly begins the moment you are ready to pull the conceptual mind out of the body to live fully in your heart center.

I am humbled to be on this journey of transformation with you.

You are not alone, for we are all in this together.

The only requirement is for you to be willing to whatever it takes.

Are you ready to awaken in your heart?

Live from your heart?

Give with your heart?

Lead with your heart?

Believe in yourself?

Fulfill you deepest dreams and desires?


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My Name is Dechen Farrow. 

I am on this transformational journey with you.

I am a mother, a sister, a passionate facilitator of transformation.

I have witnessed again and again

the moment we free ourselves from our past, and embrace the present moment, we are able to transcend the limitations of material form to create miracles in real time. Work with me to  prepare your body and mind to step into your creative potential; the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities, where you will manifest your highest visions of the future.


Why wait another minute for the world to change? Change yourself, you change the world.

The future is now. 

Together, we are the change that is co-creating the golden age of miracles that is already here if you know how to look.

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What Clients Say

“I am continuing to experience profound and very deep healing on many levels due to just one hypnotherapy session I received from Dechen.”
–Pauline Pinelias
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