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Dechen has helped me immensely, changed my world and the way I see myself, the way I am aware of me, my ego, my spirit, my soul, my body, the universe, the oneness, about man, relationships, about self-esteem. You were and ARE my best therapist ever, you helped me in my deepest and darkest moments through  severe depressions with suicidal thoughts, my daily anxieties, my relationships troubles, my self-doubts... you are the angel that has been given to me.

- Pavlina Kan, Helsinki, Finland

 I wasn't sure that hypnotherapy would work for me, but I was really impressed with the level of changes I immediately noticed in my relationship about 1-2 weeks after my first session with Dechen. I approached Dechen because I was noticing myself a little disempowered in areas of my relationship and using my voice (my confidence with expressing my truth). I was noticing unconscious reactions to my partner that were passive aggressive and causing our wounds to surface and fester in a seemingly never-ending loop. This is when I decided to receive guidance from Dechen.

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-Diana P. 
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Selective and Social Drinking

-Rosie, Aspen CO
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“Dechen is an incredible facilitator and healer of transformational experiences. I had the opportunity to receive a RTT session, and it was a relaxing and powerful experience. I was able to uncover past memories that I had not yet been able to access. Dechen supported me in making sense of what came up with her loving and caring presence. I have deep respect and trust for Dechen’s work and the many hours and studies she had dedicated to her path. She creates a safe space to fully allow whatever healing wants to be done. Thank you Dechen for being a guiding light in my life and so many others!” 


–Kendal White, California

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"I was able to reconnect with my family over the holidays and for the first time,  I no longer needed to be in a victim role. I was able to be very clear and calm in his presence without getting triggered myself. This enabled us to break through to a whole new level in our relationship and we were able to go much deeper than ever before because I was able to facilitate a much more open communication."

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–Louise Lindvald, Denmark

“I have definitely experienced profound and very deep healing on many levels due to the hypnotherapy session I had with Dechen. I am witnessing my outer life changing dramatically every day as my old habits fall away with the reprogramming and rewiring of my neural pathways.  I am also noticing improvements in my physical health and mental outlook, and for the first time in my life I am able to set clear boundaries, and speak openly and comfortably about my needs and desires in my relationships."


–Pauline Pinela, Fort Worth, TX

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Donna |Business Motivation, Energy and Long Covid

My Experience with RTT 

-Seema, CA
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“Before my session with Dechen, I was only half conscious about how I was carrying a victim mentality and entitlement feelings from my childhood. I had no idea how much this was  influencing my behavior in relationships, and attracting certain types of people into my life over and over again.”  –Katherine Nunez, Orange County, CA
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My name is Sangye Khandro and I am writing this for Chonam, who is not good at writing in English. Chonam was born and raised in Golog, Tibet and was never exposed to allopathic medicine or prescription drug based medicine his entire young life. Once arriving in the USA he was diagnosed with multiple drug resistant Tuberculosis which he was treated for aggressively in Denver Colorado for 6 months. Later he was released but was required to maintain the healing protocol for 2 years.


This entire ordeal was equal to that of radical chemotherapy and radiation in terms of the degree of drugs that were administered over an extended period of time. Following the treatment, Chonam was relieved of the disease but he was left depleted and with many other devastating symptoms such as disorientation, the tendency to lose consciousness, dizziness, gastric inflammation and so forth.


That was when Dechen began treating him. Over the next 2 years of treatment, Chonam gradually improved and eventually his health was fully restored to normal through the protocol Dechen carefully and consistently led him through. It has been his experience that she has given him a new lease on life.

I’ve also been seeing Dechen now for more than 7 years. Prior to that, I would suffer from devastating headaches. I thought this was due to my profession, however it soon became clear that I needed to adjust my dietary habits and take the right supplements for my personal constitution rather than just taking any product off the shelf of the health food store.


With her unique system, Dechen is able determine which organ and which system in the body is weak and then she begins to treat that problem from the ground up. At this point in I have reached a point of being entirely headache free! And her hormonal balance is also the best it has ever been since post menopause. Both of us would recommend Dechen Farrow to anyone that they know, especially their loved ones. 

–Sangye Khandro and Lama Chonam


"I began working with Dechen intensively, and almost immediately noticed improvement. Thanks to her precise diagnosis and unerring intuition, she swiftly identified the core issues and put me on an intensive regimen of dietary changes and supplements.  She worked nearly daily with me to find the path that stopped the bleeding, even supporting my decision to go on birth control for a few weeks (to give my body a break) and then later backing me up 100% in listening to my body when I decided not to follow my allopathic doctor's recommendation of artificially inducing menopause.  Dechen was my lifeline during that time.  I know in my heart that it is due to her deep care, love, and excellent healing gifts that the situation turned around.  For almost a year now, I have had "normal" periods again.  I have continued working with Dechen regularly to regenerate my system, rebuild my blood and constitutional strength, and with her loving guidance am making some much needed shifts in how I honor and treat my body.  


Another unique quality of Dechen's healing gift is her ability to work with clients wherever they are.  Many people claim to be able to do "remote healing," but in my experience very few actually can.  Dechen is one of the precious few gifted with this ability.  Even when she and I have not been in the same geographic location, she has checked in with me and has demonstrated unfailing ability to identify needed adjustments to my regimen.  Dechen also helped my Mom when Mom was recovering from multiple surgeries -- and Dechen's never met Mom!  Dechen even helped my beloved cat who, prior to taking the supplements/remedies Dechen recommended, had suffered from chronic asthma and constipation.  His health, too, has improved significantly.


Do yourself a favor:  Work with Dechen and Harmonic Perfection, You will never regret it, and you will be happier -- and healthier! -- as a result."


–Kathleen P.

–Kathleen P.

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"I started seeing Dechen in the hopes of increasing my energy and acquiring tips on improving (what I perceived to be) my already healthy lifestyle.  I received these and so much more!


Dechen really took a look at me from an overall/holistic standpoint. I felt she truly listened and really connected with me in understanding my short and long term goals.  Specifically, I had been heavily relying on caffeine for energy boosts throughout the day.   With the supplements and the tweaks to my diet that Dechen suggested, I have rid myself of the caffeine habit and honestly have way more energy than before.  A second and even more significant success for me was the help with my digestive issues.  I had just accepted chronic constipation as the "way my body worked".  I learned this was not normal, how to correct it, and am very happy to say this is no longer an issue.  I honestly feel better on a daily basis than I have for a very long time.   Dechen helped me improve my nutrition, health and overall well-being.  I am so very grateful.  Thank you Dechen!" 

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–Cindy Karls

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"Dechen practices Integrative Healing working with the mind; body and spirit connection. I have worked with her since 2007. She finds the root cause of illness and imbalance then provides the antidote to reclaim your balance and energy.

Over the years, she has helped me resolve several issues that were seriously affecting my health, including identifying my gluten intolerance.  She really helped me get control over my hot flashes and with her I got completely off hormone replacement therapy...  She helped me learn how much my scars were affecting my health and showed me how to handle them. She is very knowledgeable about dental issues, and especially heavy metal toxicity,  and she skillfully helped me get control over that as well. 

She herself practices what she recommends. If you are led to Dechen as a healer you will reap great rewards. You will be introduced to: new insight; caring guidance and reclaim your health and well-being.  

Dechen’s healing methods are based on the cause of imbalance, not the symptoms.

This is the true key to healing and an opportunity for you to restructure and rebuild your health. You will be amazed and full of new awareness and the joy of just feeling good.  


I have been a Registered Nurse for 43 years and worked in the world of Western Medicine until my retirement last July."    

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–Linda W. Richardson-Burns RN

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 Childhood Trauma, Self Esteem

-Louise, Denmark
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