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Splenic Awareness Taught me About Salt


If I could recommend one key to supporting a grounded nervous system

It would be salt.

But not all salts are created equally.

Based on my personal experience,

And from observing profound shifts in my clients over the years,

I have witnessed that the right salt will help:

Improve, regulate and calm the nervous system.

Increase adaptability, resilience, tolerance to stress and 5G

Alleviate anxiety, erratic emotional behavior and

Support mental stability

Be and feel more grounded in our daily lives

Support a strong immune system

Up-level the detox pathways

Improve digestion, increase hydrochloric acid balance the pH of the body.

Maintain proper intra and extra cellular hydration

Strengthen resistance to all forms of radiation and wifi

Amplify the auric field and electromagnetic integrity

If I could, I would gift you the best salt in the world.

I would make sure it was available to every household and every school in the world.

And I’d insist you to never touch that other sh*t ever again.

️Salt is a critical cornerstone of excellent health

️Salt is a key player in the function, conductivity and integrity of nerve and brain development

️Salt is a key player in cellular conductivity and communication.

But, it must be the correct salt….

The majority of salt commonly available today is NOT the right kind of salt.

White, iodized table salt available in conventional supermarkets and health food stores,

Filling the shakers in every restaurant,

Used in all commercially processed foods

What you have been eating every day for your whole life

That Salt is a Toxic Poison

I am not even exaggerating.

Mined without regard from environmentally polluted and toxic sources

High heat, kiln dried rather than solar dried,

Stripped of it's natural array of beneficial minerals

Chlorine bleached

Cut with aluminum silicate to keep it from clumping

Cut with dextrose to sweeten the taste and mask the bitterness of the aluminum

Poisoned with the incorrect form of bio-incompatible iodine…

Please don’t eat it and PLEASE don’t feed it to your children.


Finding healthy salt is actually quite difficult and rare.

Most of the sea waters from which supposed good salts are harvested are actually quite polluted,

Including french and mediterranean sea salt

Hanes Sea Salt is worthless.

Himalayan pink salt never stands up to muscle testing,

like many commercial salts, It has traces of non-ionized copper from processing through metal screens.

Salts from ancient dried sea beds are usually the most favorable,

there was no man made environmental pollution millions of years ago.

I always travel with a little vial of my own salt

It is so much sweeter tasting than other salt

And notably less drying on the tongue.

Good salt is a therapy unto itself.

The more we strengthen our body with healthy salts, minerals and fats, the more powerful the electromagnetic auric/forcefield we are generating and enveloped within.

The more grounded we are to the Earth, the more we are receiving her negatively charged ions,

which are anti-inflammatory.

The more grounded we are, the more protected we are from radiation and other stress inducing frequencies and the stronger our immune systems.

Our bodies become coherent conduits which can actually filter and transmute harmful external radiation and frequencies.

The electrical properties of biological tissues and cell suspensions determine the pathways of current flow through the body.

Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents.

Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel.

In order for a child to build a healthy nervous system from the ground up, the human body requires three things, biocompatible salt and minerals, clean, rancid free healthy fatty

acids (NOT SOLVENT EXTRACTED VEGETABLE OILS) , and living water (free of fluoride, chlorine and the other hundreds of environmental chemicals, drugs, heavy metals and negative intentions that permeate our water cycles nowadays.)

As electromagnetic organisms, our systems are designed to function optimally due to availability healthy salts, minerals, fatty acids, and of course living water as the foundation.

To give future generations a fighting chance we must include educating children and mothers on the importance of this foundational, scientifically verifiable truth.

“You must be grounded in order to fly”

Give yourself and loved ones the nutrient dense, superfood health promoting gift of salt.

My three most readily available decent go to Salts:

Ancient 5 Scalar Salt™

Premier Research Labs Pink Salt

Redmond Real Salt

If you have a great resource for salt please do share with the community,

Leave a comment below.

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