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Reflections: 2023 revelations in poetry

All of life is sacred

This ancient noble truth and aspiration

invites me to live more fully into my humanity.

Not deny the primal instinct killer beast

Shadow exists as potential within the human family.

Its not wise to deny the inner beast

I welcome my demons to the feast.

To alchemize and celebrate

And with awareness to venerate

The supreme miracle that is life.

Do we look in the mirror and love

Or despise our own reflection?

on any day we can always ask the question,

from where arise these extremely distorted mental projections?

The answers may surprise you.

As I track the distortion

Woven deep into my flesh

Each layer arising is welcomed

To be reframed, And to question

Every conditioned habit, identity and belief

Remembering that ultimately

each one is here to guide and teach me,

To relax more joyfully in peace.

So, I dismantle and dissolve

Whatever pathways of corruption

reveal how my mind

perceived the world’s patterns

of chaos and destruction.

Another deep breath

I return to my center and remember,

when I am triggered

is where awareness can enter.

I won’t turn against myself

based on mind’s narratives and lies,

nor the Somatic echos of my ancestors cries.

I acknowledge the deeply rooted primordial fears,

That have been trying to run the show for all of these years.

All the conditioned moral dogmatic shit

The “This or that” As I have lived and experienced it.

My mind still imposes all that crap

It is just not so easy to trick me into its trap.

But who is the passenger,

and who is the watcher?

Watching my movie through old and new eyes?

The genetic imperative cannot be denied.

the Spirit in the Form is inherently Wise.

The Nature has purpose and geometry,

As the vehicle for my soul’s trajectory.

The inbuilt mechanism driving evolution.

For generations past and future.

The life we are living is the revolution.

Together, we are the change and the solution.

And the change begins with looking within.

Within the form the shift can begin

It helps me to remember that the Form is Quantum.

And it takes energy and effort to awaken

What once was quite numb.

I release and recode

what’s up for transformation today

Through the living art

and ceremony of life at play.

Life, as the prayer praying me, I see

I’ve played my role perfectly.

It’s all way beyond my ordinary human perception.

Every seeming mistake and transgression,

Is it divine design? The cosmic plan in action?

For me, there is only ever the Great Truth of Perfection.

This is what it looks like….

To be alive on the planet today

And walk the Supreme Noble Path of The Way.

Aligned with love, wisdom and light,

Heart like a lantern in my chest glowing bright.

Life humming golden within every cell.

I sit in discomfort

For as long as required.

Surrendered in trust with deep self compassion,

watering seeds of transcendent awareness and correct action.

No more will I be hypnotized

Or seduced into forgetting,

that any change I wish to see

begins right here at home with me.

It’s all part of the elegant equation,

together, building a new foundation.

Our systems need time for assimilation and integration.

In order to uplevel adaptability,

cultivate resiliency,

awaken dormant frequencies,

and open to receive magnetically,

All of life’s shadow and brilliance with equanimity,

To be filtered and transmuted through the love in our systems indiscriminately.

Most importantly,

children need protection. You see?

Do No Harm is not a myth

It comes from lived experience

For when you harm a sister or brother

You harm yourself, you harm your Mother.

And all sentient beings are our mother throughout the great expanse of time and existence.

I will not look away

From the atrocities being displayed

And the total lack of regard

for the preciousness of life

happening in our world today.

As the perceiver who is looking in the mirror,

living in the organic texture of the now,

Medicinal tears

water seeds of hope with grace.

Sunlight of awareness

I invite you to see with me

blossoming in every cell

throughout existence and space.

This body this world

This mysterious interface,

between inner and outer,

Heaven and Earth,

where the Ground is ever turned

for renewal and rebirth.


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