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Get Ready For Our Call

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share with you just how powerful you are! I am here to help you unlock and identify your unique genius so that you can live your life true to your greatest potential. Whether you are here for a Human Design Blueprint Intuitive Reading or an RTT® session, during our time together we will set the intention to identify your needs and desires.


Therefore before we hop on our call together I would like to invite you to ask yourself the following 5 questions

(Please note there are absolutely no wrong answers!)

  • If you could do the one thing you really really wanted and you could not fail, you could only succeed, what would that be?

  • If you won the lottery and never had to work another day in your life, what would you do?

  • What did you love to do most as a child between the ages of 7 and 14 years old?

  • What is holding you back from living the life you want?

  • What would your life be without the problem?


During our time together we will set an intention to explore these questions in detail!

It is my honor to support you and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Setting Your Intention

The most important thing and possibly the only thing that really matters. Set your intention.
Make the decision to commit to yourself, no matter what.
Your commitment to your intention is everything.

Below you will find some additional resources to help you get best prepared for our call. If you have any questions or need help with something not listed here feel free to reach out at least 24 hours before our call.

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Hypnotherapy Best Practices

To get the most out of our time together, below are some additional recommendations to prepare:

Before our session, please ensure that you have filled out the RTT intake form.

If you have not please take a moment to do that now. 

RTT intake form here

Internet Set-Up

It is very important to be set up correctly prior to our session. Please follow these steps to check that your internet is ready to go prior to our session. 

  • Check that your Internet is connected with a strong signal.

  • You should have received a Zoom link via email, please check your link prior to our appointment to ensure that it is working and you have all the necessary programs and devices set up and ready to go. 

  • If you are new to Zoom you may need to install the Zoom program on your device.

  • If the internet drops during our session you will naturally notice and wake readily.

  • If this happens just click the initial Zoom link to reconnect and we'll continue our session.

  • However, if this happens during the last 20 minutes of our session DO NOT do anything and just continue to relax. I will call you back once I have completed making your personal transformation recording.


If you get stuck along the way you can visit the Zoom site, linked below, for helpful information or you can reach out to Dechen so she can schedule a time before the session to answer any questions you have.

Preparing For Your Session

A few minutes prior to your session it is best to get your space prepared. Below are a few steps to take to make sure your space is prepped and ready to go for our session.

  • Set your computer up so that you are reclining or sitting comfortably.

  • Make sure your face is clearly visible in the camera, I need to see your eyes and arms.

  • Set up your space so it is comfortable, use a pillow to support your head and a blanket to keep warm.

  • Use the bathroom beforehand. 

  • Have a box of tissues at the ready.

  • Once the session commences there can be no interruptions. 

  • Please ensure you’ve switched off anything that can ding, ring, or ping! 

  • Also, set yourself up in a room where the door can be shut, no pets or children are allowed in. 


Give yourself the environment of privacy and if possible minimize noise. And keep out the cat! 


In order to ensure that your session is as effective as possible please follow these final recommendations.


  • Please take the call in a quiet, comfortable space.

  • Ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in AND on airplane mode.

  • It is preferable not to do the session on your phone.

  • Headphones with a good mic are a plus!

  • Have a glass of filtered spring water handy.

  • Come with an open mind and heart!

If you are new to RTT or hypnotherapy, check out this video prior to the session. Please remember to show up to ensure you get access to the transformational recording sent to you one day after the session

May something wonderful happen to you today!

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Self-Care & Follwing Up

Once our session is concluded here are some practical tips to ensure maximum results. 

  • If possible, give yourself at least an hour to process following your session.

  • Remember, a lot is going on under the surface.

  • New neural pathways are literally rewiring and refiring.

  • What may come up during a session can be quite vulnerable.

  • Sometimes it is just the tip of the iceberg melting back to sea.

  • You may experience an ongoing stream of memories and feelings you had no idea were there.

  • Just know that is absolutely perfect and a very good sign.

  • Trust the process.

  • Relax you got this. 

  • Your innate intelligence is guiding the process to see and feel exactly what you need.

  • Be gentle with yourself.

  • Observe with divine neutrality and curiosity.

  • Utilize a 3rd person perspective.

  • Whenever strong uncomfortable memories or strong feelings arise.

  • Breathe and simply witness, remember, it will always pass.

  • You must see it to free it. You must feel it to heal it. 

  • In this way, you are strengthening the muscle of emotional self facilitation mastery. 

  • Take time off from your phone and social media and avoid television and the news.

Integration Treasure Chest

Be present


Epsom salt bath with essential oils


Bless your water

Gratitude practice

Inner smile

Visualize your outcome every day

Mirror gazing

Nourish yourself

Avoid sugar and junk food

Be in nature

Barefoot on the Earth

Be near running water: ocean, lakes, rivers


I am statements

Most importantly listen to your personalized audio recording every day for 21 days

Remember, online support is available 24/7

(Integration video links and meditations will go here)


Human Design & Genkeys Resources

Here you will find additional resources to enrich your Human Design & Genekeys Self Study

Regarding Accurate Birth Data:

For your Human Design chart, it is highly, highly advisable that you have your exact birth time.

However, if this is not at all possible we suggest you find out very least an approximation (I.e. between 1-5 am). From here, type various times and see how much your chart changes, If you really have no idea then start at midday and go a couple of hours on either side to see how much it changes or use this birth rectification tool. 


Should you still need support with your birth data, there are a few alternative tools we can use, just reach out!

Additional Helpful Links

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