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What to Expect:


Awareness is power. As you take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and behaviors, and know how you are uniquely encoded through the lens of Human Design, you will be empowered to tap into the organic, innate wisdom encoded in your body, and harness the incredible power of your mind to work for you rather then against you.


As you liberate yourself from negative thought forms  and limiting beliefs, and continue to apply this information in your daily life

Your will start to remember the how precious your life truly is, and you will be streamlining yourself into your authentic purpose and reason for being alive on the planet at this time.  This journey may from time to time take you to some vulnerable places as you reframe the narratives of your life.  RTT® Hypnotherapy will help you to extract old habits from the origin and root. Rapid Transformational Coaching® can help you to align more fully with your genuine purpose. Human Design empowers you to become very clear about who you are rather than who you are not. 

 Encoded into all of her work, Dechen brings 20+ years of clinical nutrition, medical intuition that will naturally up-level your ability to  feel more at ease in your body as she encodes new neural pathways for embodied awareness and grounded presence into the crystalline cellular matrix of your body so as to activate the divine blueprint encoded within your DNA. Dechen offers individual and group healing and coaching sessions. 

To learn more about which type of session or package might be right for you, book your free discovery call today. 

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