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It is time to give your body and mind the rest and repair it deserves. 




Are you ready for life changing results? Dechen's guided, whole body, science based physical and emotional detox system is what you need!


Welcome to Harmonic Perfection!

A comprehensive, multifaceted, whole body/mind

regenerative program customized just specifically for you,

and needed more than ever in 2022.

"Your body is run by a network of intelligence and every cell has a microbrain of its own, guided and programmed by your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Learn how to train your cells to work for you instead of against you.  Your body is so resilient,

and everything you need to heal is already within you."


Doing a dedicated detox and nutritional tuneup along with hypnotherapy is essential to feel better now. 

And this is true for everyone,

Even if you live away from a city,

even if you eat only organic and minimally processed food,

even if your exercise regularly,

still your body requires routine tune ups.

Because exposure to environmental toxins is pervasive and global.

Our bodies were NOT designed to deal with the insane amount of stressful influences from physical and emotional toxicity. 



My name is Dechen Farrow of Harmonic Perfection

"I reconnect you to the miracle and infinite potential of your innate  healing power. My goal is to activate your inner, embodied  awareness  that you may trust the miracles encoded in your precious human body. I help you gain freedom from the influence of negative beliefs and release yourself from the versions you created just to survive. The healing you want to see in the outer world begins with you, and  healing  is truly an inside job. I want to see you radiate your authentic magnificence with joyful purpose .

This dynamic flow state of coherence is what I call harmonic perfection. 


Dechen has studied and practiced using whole food nutritional and emotional therapies for over 21 years, always finding and focusing on the root cause, identifying and removing the primary stressors, and then focusing on restoring resilience, life force, adaptability, and electromagnetic integrity. 


She has dedicated  hundreds of hours studying clinical nutrition, biological medicine, traditional chinese medicine principles, energy medicine,  safe detox therapies. She is and Advanced Reiki Master, Sound and Crystal Healer, and Licensed Hypnotherapist.  She is a 1/4 Pure Generator, on the Right Angle Cross of Explanation. She is passionate about Empowering others especially the future generations how to live well in any environment.




About her work she shares

"The beauty of my programs are that they are not-one-size-fits-all-programs like the majority of mainstream options available. Each of us has completely unique body types and, are exposed to different environments, epigenetic influences and life experiences, so I have composed this multifaceted system which enables address your individual needs.



My system allows me to meet you exactly where you are at.

My training allows me to commune directly with your body and subconscious mind to determine exactly what you need to heal and fortify your well being on every level.

*If mainstream medicine has given up on you, or let you down with no where else to turn...

*Or if you have already been investing in your self-improvement with  alternative therapies, healthy lifestyle and diet choices,

*Or if this is the first time you have ever decided to look outside the box for solutions and just want to feel better, this healing system

has something extraordinary for you.

"Dechen has an amazing ability to

handle the root cause of many issues"


I have personally been on this path of healing since I was pharmaceutically injured due to severe heavy metal toxicity and poor diet from a young age. I studied and learned from the best of the best about the importance of targeted detoxification and nutrient replenishment in order to stabilize the nervous system and free the mind. I also learned about the influence of underlying emotional trauma on physical health and how to identify and rewire our neural pathways with new and positive beliefs. 

Along the way I learned to trust that the body always knows what it requires, and I have utmost confidence in the

innate healing power of the bodymind complex,  which is run by a network of intelligence far beyond that which 

we have been allowed to believe. 

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So if you want to give your body and mind

the healing it desperately needs …

and to see unbelievable results…

  • Like feeling energized and lit up to meet the day

  • Saying goodbye to inflammation (and PAIN)

  • Clearing BRAIN FOG, and anxious and depressive thoughts

  • Feel cleaner, lighter, with more ENERGY

  • And many more …

  • (these are all things clients have told Dechen time and time again)

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Offerings and Services

RTT Therapy®

Your mind is creating your reality by the power of your subconscious beliefs. This includes your state of health and wellbeing. Change your beliefs, change your life. 

Including Command Cell Therapy and the Healing Vortex, RTT offers an effective, often very swift and powerful means of rapidly informing the ability of the body to heal itself from almost anything. 

This 2 hour session will guide you through Marisa Peer's proven methodology using hypnotherapy to relax back to the root cause of anything that is holding you back, guide you through the process of releasing old beliefs and creating space to install powerfully positive, healing new beliefs in their place. 

Learn more about RTT here:

In addition to individual sessions, RTT is exceptional for groups. Imprinted during childhood, the common denominator affecting quality of life for most people is Lack of Self Esteem, Self Worth and Confidence. RTT group sessions are very effective at improving prosperity, productivity and abundance

in many types of group situations.   




NRT, Nutrition Response Testing®

"Your Body is a Quantum Bio-Supercomputer

Running trillions of cells each with a microbrain of its own. A Network of innate intelligence, a sophisticated operating system, a divine design founded upon the universal template of the Golden Ratio".  

Dechen has spent many years perfecting the art of communicating directly with the body/mind using the system of NRT and she is a skilled empath and kinesiologist. She has experience with many types of physical imbalances and their underlying emotional root causes, from A to Z. She has found that the common denominator of many health challenges is stress due to toxicity and deficiency. She has witnessed many health challenges across the board turn around simply by assisting the body's detox pathways and identifying it's critical needs. 

Importance of Open Detox Pathways

It is no secret that our food, air and water, and many of our daily consumer products are saturated with industrialized chemicals, heavy metals and toxic waste.


The food most of the world have access to is highly processed and devoid of life force energy, 

nutrients and minerals.

Further, we are being subjected to unprecedented onslaught of industrial, synthetic chemicals and toxic waste, compounded in our parents bodies and then passed onto us at conception. By assisting the body detoxification pathways, we upregulate adaptability and therefore quality of life. 


This 90 minute session provides insight into exactly what your physical body requires to function optimally.  providing customized healing protocols designed to eliminate environmental toxins and address nutritional deficiencies, in order for the body to have everything it needs for optimal function and vitality. 


Human Design and Genekeys Readings

 Human Design and the Genekeys are an illuminating guidance system, specifically relevant to these times. Also known as the Science of Differentiation, Human Design of Ra Uru and the Genekeys of Richard Rudd are based on a synthesis of ancient systems of Astrology, the I-Ching, the Chakra Systems, The Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics

You are meant to be here, and simply by you being you, you are doing your part perfectly, more than you know.The incredibly accurate systems of Human Design and the Genekeys help us decondition the "not self" and  can guide you to increasingly rely on your personal design "Strategy and Inner Authority. which in turn will lead you to your path of least resistance for the fulfilment your highest purpose for this life. 


Knowing how to understand your Human Design BodyGraph and your Genekeys hologenetic profile empowers you to understand the challenges you came here to grow through, and activate your potentials, so that you can access your inner authority and streamline every area of your life.






Dechen has an amazing ability to explain complex ideas in a simple, inspiring way.

She loves to teach children and young people about to tune into and take care of the miracle of their precious human bodies and trains people how to use simple muscle testing techniques for how to navigate  and make better food and consumer choices so that they can build confidence to access the innate intelligence on their own.




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Stay Tuned!

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