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Human Design




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As a 1/4 profile I am here to help build a foundation of knowledge that will secure a successful evolutionary expansion for the future of the collective. I am a "bold networker" who openly shares my unique, revolutionary and daring insights.


With my Right Angle Cross of Explanation, I am here to establish new working hypothesis and deliver them in divine timing. I am here to share viable principals for how we can secure the needs of the collective as we evolve towards living together in harmonious and thriving communities.


I logically evaluate my unique insights and am able to explain them in a way that will revolutionize intrinsic knowing for the benefit of the whole.  

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What does loving and trusting yourself really look like?

Discover your blueprint for self awareness

to better navigate choices that are correct for YOU.

I help you interpret your bodygraph, to unpack and explore who you really beyond the neuroses, addictions, attachments and traumas

that may have conditioned your life.

Your blueprint is a map providing you with radically accurate, detailed information about how you are designed to navigate choices, clarify your life purpose, recognize. the influences of external conditioning, and shift your reaction to the triggers and pain points in your life. 


A 60 minute reading, over zoom will cover all the basics of your bodygraph to get you started with your deconditioning experiment. 

You will learn the basics of your Design, Type, Profile, Strategy and Authority, Channels and the unique challenges of  your Open and Defined Centers. You will come away from this session knowing how to immediately begin to apply this information in your everyday life.

Investment $197


"It is a profound teaching that Love begins within oneself, in the true aloneness of the illusion of form: that universal Love can only be found in the Now, in surrender to the life that happens: that there can be no love in or for Humanity until its actions are correct; and finally that it is our form, our bodies that need to be honored as vehicles of consciousness and that our differences are holy and mutative.


We are conditioned to learn Love from the other, from the Mother and the Father, from the lover and the child. In this way we are conditioned to seek Love from others in order to 'feel' Loved. The 'not-self' does not love itself.


In not having it within oneself, it becomes a commodity. Something of value worth seeking, suffering and longing for. A commodity which defines most beings lives. The measuring of Love. The externalization of Love: 'He Loves me. I Love him', 'I don't love him enough', 'He doesn't Love me enough', 'I wish he Loved me more and on and on.


None of the above is about Love. It is more about fear in aloneness. In an aloneness void of self Love, driven by inadequacy and insecurity. This is the season of the Love of Self.


Take this opportunity to experiment with your Type and its Strategy and discover your true self, a person worth getting to know, you might even fall in Love."

– RA URU HU | Human Design Founder

There is enormous power in your chart if you know how to access it. 

Deconditioning is key.

Once you understand your WHY, and can see your TRUE POTENTIAL

should you CHOOSE TO ACCEPT your potential and

DECIDE TO MAKE IT YOUR REALITY, I help you move through the process of transformation and integration.

Coaching and Therapy is available as needed. 

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What Clients Say

“The integration is amazing on every level. Immediately after my session I was no longer needing others to soothe my insecurities. I have been able to zero in on why I was being triggered.”  –Dave Mastrioni
Human Design

New to Human Design?


In Today's Society,

children are not taught resiliency, emotional intelligence, or how to make decisions to support strong life skills. We start out needing to please our parents and fit into our social systems. We are not taught how to become independent people. We have been conditioned to be disconnected from our intuition, our bodies, and our sovereignty. 

Human Design provides a Roadmap

to your internal guidance system so that you can make correct decisions for your life, eradicate fear, and repeatedly create positive outcomes. The conditioned mind is the punisher, the judge, juror and jailer. By harnessing the power of your Human Design, you learn how to free yourself from mental delusion by relying on the innate intelligence of the body and learning how to fully trust its infallible intelligence. 

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